Company Profile

Company Profile

T-1 Lighting is a leading manufacturing of the highest quality energy efficient lighting products.

About the company

T-1 Lighting, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality energy efficient lighting products. T-1 Lighting’s goal is to meet the growing demand for energy efficient and environmentally safe lighting products.

Our engineers focus on the latest energy efficient technologies to produce lighting products that exceed industry standards. Nationwide, our customers know that we understand their needs and are capable of producing and delivering high quality energy efficient lighting products.

With “T-1 Lighting Quick Custom Services,” we help our customers save time and labor cost with adders such as occupancy sensors, emergency battery backups, custom chords, plugs, etc. Day and night, our knowledgeable staff work endlessly to provide exceptional service to support our customers.

Our Capabilities

  • Leading the way with the highest quality energy efficient lighting products.
  • Knowledgeable staff who work endlessly to satisfy our clients.
  • Engineers focused on producing lighting products with the latest energy efficient technologies.
  • Maintain an extensive stock level to support market demands nationwide.


Energy Efficiency

In an ever expanding population, everyone should understand the importance for energy conservation. T-1 Lighting is constantly looking out for new energy efficient technologies to do our part in promoting energy conservation.

Advanced Controls

Our products come standard with dimmable drivers and are compatible with most advanced controls systems. We have the capability to customize our products to include accessories such as occupancy or daylight harvesting sensors.

Lighting Quality

Other manufacturers may offer a low wattage fixture, but the fixture also provides low light quality. T-1 Lighting’s line of products are not only energy efficient, but provide excellent light quality to ensure that task areas are actually visible.